Firma Construction

Living the Green

This Auckland based firm were the first construction company to launch with a New Zealand Green building Council certification. Firma believe the future of the construction sector should be grounded in principles that endure well beyond today’s urgent needs—but at todays budgets.

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When the partners at Firma Construction asked us to design their digital platform, we rolled up sleeves and developed a plan to build and strengthen this brand for the long term.

We first developed a simple content strategy that matched the needs and potential of their busy team, then translated this into a simple website that broke-down the complexity of their offering for each customer segment .

They retain a pragmatic commercial approach to the constraints client’s face, but have developed a responsive approach—layering their commercial solutions with more sustainable options wherever possible. The results can sometimes be surprising for clients who, thinking the sustainable options are always more expensive, suddenly find they can have sustainable credentials to boast.

We saw that Firma had an opportunity to differentiate by emphasising this sustainable layer alongside it’s commercial know-how. We set out to deliver a beautiful site that could communicate their commercial purpose and the exacting standards of their work, but also a brand that also has a heart to compliment the hard-nosed pragmatism.

Icons & Pictograms:

We developed a distinctive range of icons to simplify navigation.

A visual menu was developed to make navigation simpler and more rewarding. Icons combined with a simple descriptive label give the user a clear sense of where they were in their journey at any moment.

We extended the library to include Client Segment identifiers (below) and Home-page graphics (right).