Epeus Consulting

A rapid-response to risk

Epeus exists to enable large complex feats of engineering to succeed...


Epeus Consulting brings decades of experience and hard-won insights to the oil and gas industry, in the form of project risk management. These engineers and project specialists are the cool headed operators that the major petroleum CEOs keep on speed dial.

After ten years, Epeus decided it needed a brand that could match the professionalism of its people. The result was a strong new identity, smart responsive website and shiny new brochure that took real client situations where disaster was averted and turned them into engaging stories.

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and stylish,
for me this
brand embodies
all of our values
and best
portrays our

Mark Thompson
M.D / Epeus Consulting

“I love the way the logo works as an optical illusion – 2D and 3D. It is complex without being complicated, it portrays honesty without naivety and has a sense of purpose and direction”.

The shape although simple is sophisticated and its symmetry gives a feeling of control.

Mark Thompson
M.D / Epeus Consulting

Graphic Language

The Epeus graphic system is comprised of Logo, logotype, and a strong geometric visual language to extend the system. When this is applied in conjunction with brand-led info-graphics (like these iPad charts), the system is at full maturity.

Moderated Language

The graphic language can be deployed at different levels of impact, from stripped cyan, through darker tones to a vibrant palette of secondary brand colours.

Moments of restrained beauty

A graphic language does help to reduce the burden of identity from a single monolithic logo, but strong restraint in key applications can amplify the impact.