The Regional Game-Changer

We developed this ultra-contemporary brand for Etisalat’s new venture into the Saudi market. We rolled-out the brand in record time, creating concepts for all channels to communicate a progressive, friendly and adventurous brand.


Mobily is the official brand of Etihad / Etisalat, and was the second mobile service provider to enter the market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We reversed this challenger role by entering the market with a fresh, vibrant brand that tapped into the aspirations of modern Saudi consumers, hungry for better-integrated services in a fast-growing economy.

We designed a multi-channel, integrated suite of brand touchpoints that brought the values of the brand to the forefront of their communications and, established Mobily as the progressive force in Middle-Eastern telecommunications. This included digital, print, packaging and promotional materials and comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure a consistent roll-out throughout the region.

Mobily (Etisalat) is a FT500 company, and are currently ranked the sixth largest company in the Middle East.

Delivering :

This distinctive, abstract logo was designed by leading brand agency Brandinstinct. The shape suggests an open, contemporary brand but the intention was not to create symbolism, but rather a form that could, in time, be recognized as a benchmark for the industry.

Our role was to pick up on this promising identity system and demonstrate how to grow the logo into a fully integrated telecommunications brand.

The Identity System

A striking sky-blue leads a colourful secondary colour palette. Restrained black and white imagery lifts the brand colour to centre stage.

Literature System 
& Simm Pack:

Punchy, engaging headlines in a bold contemporary font add clear structure to the stories and promote read through.

The foundation of this literature system is it’s distinctive grid. When the client called for an urgent design of the Simm pack (Right) , the simple graphic system proved indispensable.


The information design stage was key to conveying the broad scope of mobile services.

With an established tone-of-voice and graphic system in place, the distinctive colourways, imagery and grid delivered a clear, uncluttered website at launch.

Launch Event:

Launch through the newly refurbished retail outlets was an unprecedented success. The local market had never seen a brand delivered in such a contemporary style,setting a new standard for the industry.


Once again the in-store approach was a reflection of the graphic system we set out for the new brand.

Bold canvas images brought a human touch to the high-tech fit-out. Soft, rounded forms offset the clean edged furniture. The widespread use of white space allowed the Mobily brand to permeate the space and harmonise retail sites with the broader brand.