Scott Wilson

Battle hymn for
a construction giant

This 6,000 strong consultancy was struggling to communicate; the scope and diversity of their service to clients, the strategic value of unity to staff and, their value to external stakeholders.

This called for a brave new strategic approach, and they turned to London heavyweights Brandinstinct to guide them through this critical phase.


As one of the largest engineering and design consultancies in the world. Scott Wilson had seen a lot of organic growth through acquisition over the years, and this was beginning to place strain on the core brand.

Brandinstinct invited us to help articulate this brand platform creatively, and harmonise the brand communications—to get them all singing off the same hymn-sheet.

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Problem, solved

Within this new graphic system, the coloured vignette represents the client problem, and the crisp vector lines over these (roadmaps, rail links, etc) represent the solutions Scott Wilson deliver.

Natural evolution

From this point forward, the graphic system evolved organically. Flowing seamlessly through business cards, adverts, website and, culminating in a new credentials pack that demonstrated a unified brand architecture.


To embed the newly articulated brand and values, we designed an internal, staff-alignment programme. This included a poster campaign communicating the goals, achievements and aspirations of the brand through a series of ‘hero’ photographs and striking info-graphics.

Epic Imagery:

Scott Wilson have achieved extraordinary things in the past decade, but these stories were never properly celebrated. We revisited the SW photographic-library and unearthed a vault of powerful imagery to support some extraordinary case studies.