Total Media

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The Magic Numbers

Total Media are a media communications, strategy and planning agency to watch.


This innovative small agency leverage data-driven insights to deliver spectacular results for a portfolio of really interesting and successful clients. They apply smart, pragmatic thinking to turn challenges into opportunities. They are tough, motivated and honest and, apply real rigour to avoid the ‘assumptions’ and ‘misunderstandings’ that limit business results.

This culture, supported by OMG’S formidable resources, positions them perfectly to work with challenger brands who need to do things smarter.—and has made them the best ‘little big’ agency in NZ.

The Marque

Driven by a strong desire to find insights that rivals might fail to see, it made sense for the marque to suggest a surface that is broken in this pursuit for hidden truth’s.

The Graphic Tool-kit

A suite of online and press promotional templates, leveraging the flexible graphic-language, delivered an integrated comm’s identity that did not tire or become repetitive.

Image guidelines

We introduced guidelines for image selection and usage to encourage a more cohesive look across all brand touchpoints.

Tone of Voice

Creating a compelling voice for Total Media was a high priority. With many daily transactions being data heavy, we identified a punchy, no-nonsense tone of voice to match the confidence of the visual brand.

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The power of numbers

With the entire industry immersed in ‘data, analytics and metrics’, the persuasive power of numbers required a fresh, clear Powerpoint template complete with information-graphics.

The power of numbers

With the graphic assets in place, the client had complete freedom to develop branded communication materials in print and digital format.