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Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris is Brandfibre’s founder and creative officer, based in Auckland. He has had overall responsibility for steering and directing programmes across all our active markets. He is directly involved with all Brandfibre’s clients and, together with our multi-national team, works to impose a clear, strategic directive for the company and its clients.

Over the past twenty-five years in the industry, Andrew has gained a broad range of brand experience across markets, geographies, and disciplines.

Prior to founding Brandfibre, he led major programmes in Europe, Africa & the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific markets — accumulating air miles as an itinerant creative director, he serviced clients from Russia, India, KSA, UAE, Hungary and the UK.

He specialises in strategic branding programmes where design, digital, and engagement platforms are merged to form integrated brand experiences for consumers.

As such, he has led initiatives in almost every sector from Telco’s to NGOs and has received critical acclaim for his ability to translate strategic business goals into tangible brand assets.

In addition to a design degree from the (re-branded) University of Johannesburg in South Africa, Andrew went on to study Marketing through Global Business School, where he developed an acute appreciation for the role design can play in a successful business.

He has held positions as Partner or Director in a number of firms, including product, advertising, publishing, marketing and branding agencies. In 2004 Andrew resigned as partner in The Marketing Partnership (London) to return to branding as design director of the London strategic brand agency, Brandinstinct.

Andrew believes strongly in the power of brands to deliver competitive advantage, but also to positively shape the civil fabric of society, and together with digital partner Simon Vollmer, he founded Brandfibre to create inspirational brands that share a more sustainable worldview.

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