Christoph Stolberg

Christoph is a design-purist. His work demonstrates the nuanced simplicity that is the heart of contemporary European design . He effortlessly brings smart, iconic and accessible design work to life through all digital and traditional channels.

Christoph is a design director and graphic artist based in Paris. He understands the diversity of European design culture, having spent 15 years in London, and several more in Paris.

As an art director and graphic designer he has worked with clients ranging from galleries, institutions, publishers to large corporates. His folio consists of meticulously crafted brand identities, art direction, publications, editorial design and digital platforms.

An occasional lecturer at colleges in London, in 2011 Christoph had the opportunity to head a typography course at Chelsea Art College with Fabio Lattanzi Antinori.

He attended the Royal College of Art and graduated with a Master in Communication Art and Design.

At the end of each busy year, Christoph escapes to the family cabin in the Black forest of his native Germany, where he spends a few weeks completely off-grid while his perfect mind restores itself.