Lindsay Booth

Lindsey is the kind of finished artist whom leading designers queue up to work with. Handing over arty design concepts for production is a critical transition in any client’s project — and can be the difference between success and award-winning success.

To those of us in the industry, finished art is not so much art, as craft (and graft). The most successful practitioners of this discipline follow a path that more closely resembles an apprenticeship, than a career.

Lindsey possesses a rare (and sometimes contradictory) combination of skills that embrace creativity with a meticulous eye for detail. She’ll tell you this stems from having two boys under 10 but, in truth, it’s largely the result of years of careful mentoring under leading creative directors in that rarefied “Devil wears Prada” world of high-end fashion houses.

Lindsay first came to our attention when she produced perfect finished-art for our Budapest Bank programme. But she’s also crafted exquisite print-ready work for brands such as Gucci, Burberry, Conran & Dunhill.

While her work speaks for itself, we also appreciate her warm nature and natural grace under fire — essential attributes during the final stages of a brand rollout.

Lindsay lives in the London village of East Dulwich, where she and her famous husband raise their two boys to run wild in nearby Dulwich Park. She spends much of her spare time practicing the ancient craft of fine upholstery.