We create an ecosystem of experiences for your brand, that is smart, agile and connected, to ensure your voice is amplified through all communications. A clear communications strategy and powerful internal culture are developed, brought together through fluent digital integration, to give your brand a resonance in the marketplace that’s hard to imitate.

Services: Brand Definition / Values / Narrative / Guidelines / Tone of Voice / Internal Communications / Cascading / Coaching / Brand training / Planning / Social Engagement / Brand Citizenship / Social Media Strategy / Digital Engagement / Content Planning / Application Design / Customer Strategy / Journey Mapping / Touch Point Analysis / Staff Engagement / Channel Design

Activating your brand

We execute a wide range of engagement services under three core pillars:

Internal Culture External Experience Digital Experience


Internal branding & culture 

Best-in-class brands are confident and self-aware. They are formed by articulating the vision and values of an organisation but are propagated through the stories told within, and outside, the company. Before your staff can act on the vision and values, they need to understand them.

As a branding agency we are focused on connecting brands to the behaviors that drive their success. Our people work to uncover the patterns that have made our clients a success. We codify these in a combination of long-term and short-term narratives that position our clients as leaders in their field


Internal traction = external results

Even the most established brands can wither under consumer scrutiny when staff fails to deliver on the brand promise.

Aligned brands have lower operating inertia and are naturally more effective. An aligned workforce has greater potential to assimilate emerging trends in order to innovate. Our approach ensures a fully integrated brand experience by cascading brand values, vision, mission and strategic goals throughout the organisation.



External customer experience 

Once we have a compelling and well-defined brand, you need to share it with your audience…

However, saturated media platforms are serving products and services to hungry consumers with fluency barely imaginable before the digital age. In this cluttered space, with so many similar goods and services, the embattled customer searches for a meaningful point of difference.

Enduring brands are increasingly turning to customer experience, rather than product or service alone, in order to set their brands apart. At Brandfibre, brands are more than mere visual identities – they are the perception in a customers mind based on the entire brand experience.



Digital experience 

Brandfibre help your brand deliver a truly immersive brand experience. By integrating both online and off-line media, we elevate digital brands beyond a ‘hygienic’ web presence—to become a rich, rewarding eco-system.

Whether it’s developing engaging digital tools, producing agile content, or the strategic vision behind your ‘Always-on Layer’  — we can evolve solutions as quickly as the digital landscape itself is changing.



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