Brand Strategy

Sometimes we need skilled code-breakers to help filter the positive signals from the noise.

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Brands as belief shelters

Trusted brands are a powerful construct that consumers use to simplify complex, and sometimes risky, decision paths.
Brands are the product of a consumer’s desire for anchorage in an unstable world. They offer consumers welcome refuge — and a sense of control — in an age of information overload. Over time, these assertive brands can emerge as consumer belief shelters.

The power of stories

Best-in-class brands are clear reflections of a strong internal core. They are formed by articulating the vision and values of an organisation but are propagated through the stories told within, and outside, the company.
Our people work to uncover the patterns that have made our clients a success. We codify these in a combination of long-term and short-term narratives that position our clients as leaders in their field.

Setting out a clear purpose

We believe great brands have significant potential to influence positive change in society. By harnessing brand communications for social influence and competitive advantage, we can anticipate a world with an enriched social and commercial fabric.
Not every company has a world-changing ambition, but we strongly believe that every company has a unique set of behaviours that can be promoted better and nurtured to deliver essential advantage.